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Remote Learning Music

Pitch- learning to read notes on a staff

Notes in music are written on 5 lines (see below) 

The treble clef is the most common clef we use.

Have a look on the staff here for their names 

The Lines are; EGBDF and the spaces spell 'FACE'.

There is a cool game called Staff Wars. It is free for PC's and $1.49 on iPad and


With your parents permission, you can download this game. Just try the treble clef

game to start with.





Activity 3:

Making a sound story

This activity is a creative one. 

For some ideas, here is a YouTube of a man who layers different sounds to make a story about wind and rain.   You could do the same, or a different one.

1. Choose at least 4-5 different sounds- Use some of the ideas from Activity 1 and 2.

Ideas; hitting sounds, shaking sounds, scraping sounds, tuned sounds in glass, tinkly sounds

2.Create a sound story using your sounds.

For example:- You could start off soft.. grow louder... softer... combine some sounds, louder softer..


3. Prep -2 Create a sound story that goes for  30 seconds

    Year 3-6 Create a sound story that lasts for a minimum of 1 minute.

    Or work with your family and share your sounds ! to make a story of at least 1 minute.

4. Record or video your creation onto Seesaw

Have fun!!!

Activity 2:

Kitchen Drum Expert

* Get some inspiration by watching this amazing YouTube clip -    

  This man is amazing! You will be too. Start with some simple patterns

   and build your performance from there...

* Check with your adult that they’re happy for you to use kitchen bits. 

   (Packing up properly is part of the activity😃)


Make sure you ask first and it will be NOISY!

  1. Take a picture of your set up - Upload to your Seesaw journal.

  2. Explore your different sounds

  3. Create, practice and perform.

  4. Video your rhythmic creation - Upload to your Seesaw Journal 

  5. Put everything carefully away!


Activity 1:

What is a musical scale? ( P-6)

  • Do a bit of research- ask  an adult. Hit the internet. 

  • What does one sound like?

  • Find 8 glasses or glass jars - they need to be identical in size and shape. BE CAREFUL!!!

  • Use water to fill them to create a scale- you'll need something to tap them with, gently! Try wood.  The try metal- a spoon would do.

  • Take a picture and send it to your home room teacher on Seesaw- I can see them there!

Year 3-6 - Extra challenge

 Here is an activity sheet to test your memory from our lessons so far this year :)

 You can open it and print it. 

Take a picture of your finished effort and post it on your journal !

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